Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blessings ahead

A while back I wrote about my struggle with my husband's vasectomy and my deep desire to have more children. About a month ago, I just was feeling this overwhelming desire to have a baby. I sat down with my husband and we had a long talk about it. At the end of our discussion he agreed to consider a vasectomy reversal. We did a lot of talking, praying, & research. One day, he decided to call a friend of ours, actually it's our old pastor. He told him what we were considering and asked for prayer/advice. His friend told him to "man up", which totally caught dh off guard (and made me giggle.) He said if it's weighing that heavy on my heart and was something that we both were feeling strongly about then he just needed to do it. It wasn't at all what dh thought he would hear, but it was exactly what he needed. They also talked about the fact that children are blessings from God. The next day we talked a bit, and as dh was leaving the bedroom he said, "book the appointment" and walked out. I was shocked! There were just so many "signs" that led him to believe that God was really telling him that this was what we needed to do.

We're in the planning stages now. We're saving up for the procedure and trying to figure out the perfect timing. I've also started tracking my cycles so that we will have a good idea when/if I'm ovulating. (we will probably plan the VR where it will work out well with my cycle) We're looking at late February, early March 2012. We're not telling many people, just my best friend, his friend (and his wife), & dh's boss, plus my group of online friends :). We decided there was no reason to tell everyone until there was something to tell. We didn't want to hear people's negative comments on our decision nor did we want people asking how it was going. We're getting really excited about the whole thing and praying hard that everything works out well and we're able to get pregnant.

I want to thank all the wonderful people who were so encouraging to me when I expressed my feelings. You're all such blessings to me! <3